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Ardmore changes hands yet again

It is clear that the fortunes of Ardmore, its Troy sibling, and its rivals at Ashford and elsewhere, are hugely dependent on developments in the international screen industries and the markets they service.

Screening Dublin Port

When we think of public funding and the Irish film, television and related cultural industries, we tend to focus on the major sources: the Section 481 tax credit; Screen Ireland production loans; and Arts Council funding. To a lesser extent, perhaps, we’re aware of regional supports like the WRAP fund. Smaller initiatives, like the variousContinue reading “Screening Dublin Port”

‘New Hollywood’ in Dublin: Notes on the Production of Quackser Fortune

Recently, I was forwarded a YouTube link to a 1970 comedy that is something of an oddity among Hollywood depictions of Ireland and the Irish. Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in The Bronx stars Gene Wilder in the title role, as an oddball Dubliner whose unusual occupation – the collection of horse manure for sale as fertiliser – triggersContinue reading “‘New Hollywood’ in Dublin: Notes on the Production of Quackser Fortune”

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