Screening Dublin Port

When we think of public funding and the Irish film, television and related cultural industries, we tend to focus on the major sources: the Section 481 tax credit; Screen Ireland production loans; and Arts Council funding. To a lesser extent, perhaps, we’re aware of regional supports like the WRAP fund. Smaller initiatives, like the variousContinue reading “Screening Dublin Port”

‘New Hollywood’ in Dublin: Notes on the Production of Quackser Fortune

Recently, I was forwarded a YouTube link to a 1970 comedy that is something of an oddity among Hollywood depictions of Ireland and the Irish. Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in The Bronx stars Gene Wilder in the title role, as an oddball Dubliner whose unusual occupation – the collection of horse manure for sale as fertiliser – triggersContinue reading “‘New Hollywood’ in Dublin: Notes on the Production of Quackser Fortune”